Auditions 2023-2024 Season


Section Violin 


 Only the highest quality applicants will be accepted for this audition. 

The Plano Symphony Orchestra is a per service orchestra. Approximately 40+  services are planned for the year beginning September 14, 2023. Per service  rates are $156.00/service for Principal & $131.00/service for Section. All  applicants must demonstrate U.S. Citizenship or legal eligibility to accept  employment with the Plano Symphony Orchestra. 

At this time, PSO will only be auditioning for the above positions. 

 Auditions to be held: 

Saturday, September 9, 2023 
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM 

 Christ UMC, 3101 Coit Road, Plano Texas 75075 


 To be considered for an invitation to audition for an available position please e-mail a one-page resume to: 

Jim Gasewicz, Personnel Manager at: 

PSO does not supply music/excerpts. 

 Plano Symphony Orchestra’s General Audition Procedures & Audition Repertoire 

Applications due on or before: September 1, 2023 

Candidates are required to send a one-page resume. 

Selected candidates will be notified with an audition time by Jim Gasewicz, Personnel Manager. 

The Audition Committee reserves the right to dismiss any candidate not meeting the highest artistic standards. 

 Audition Repertoire 

Solo of candidate’s choice 

Violin (first violin part and top part if divisi): 


R. Strauss                  Don Juan (first page) 

CHOOSE TWO of the following excerpts: 

Brahms                      Symphony No. 4 Last Movement (Allegro energico) bars 33-80 

Mendelssohn             Scherzo from Midsummer Night’s Dream, beginning to downbeat of  bar 99 (7 after Letter D) 

Mendelssohn             Symphony No. 4 “Italian” (first movement, ms. 1 to 110) 

Mozart                       Symphony No. 39 (2nd movement), beginning to downbeat of bar 38 (no repeats) 

Mozart                       Overture to Marriage of Figaro, beginning through bar 58 (beginning to Letter A) 

Prokofiev                   Classical Symphony, 1st movement, beginning through bar 61 (4th bar of Letter E or Rehearsal No. 8) 

Smetana                    Bartered Bride Overture, beginning to downbeat of bar 53