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What is a symphony?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

A symphony is an extended musical composition, usually in three or more movements for an orchestra. The term symphony can also be interchanged with the word orchestra to refer to the ensemble itself.

What is an orchestra?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

A large group of musicians who play together on various instruments, usually including strings, woodwinds, brass instruments, and percussion instruments. The term orchestra is also interchangeable with the term symphony to refer to the ensemble itself.

How is a symphony orchestra different from a chamber or philharmonic orchestra?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

A chamber orchestra is typically smaller and focuses on the performance of chamber music. A philharmonic orchestra is usually the largest of the three types of ensembles. While any type of ensemble can play any type of music, the Plano Symphony focuses on classical and pops music of all kinds, hiring additional musicians when needed to add to the group of core musicians that comprises our Symphony. The Plano Symphony can have anywhere from 40 to 86 musicians, depending on the music being played.

Should I bring my children?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

Our Family Symphony Sundays are concerts created specifically for children 3 to 10, and we strongly encourage you to attend them with your child. For all other concerts, please consider your child’s ability to enjoy a concert with other audience members.

When should I applaud?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

You should applaud whenever you are moved to do so. Musicians love your support.

What should I wear?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

Most audience members attend concerts in business casual attire. Wear what makes you comfortable.

What if I’m late?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

Late arrivals to concerts will be seated at the first appropriate seating break in consideration of the performers and other patrons. Ushers are always at hand to assist you.

What are the advantages to subscribing?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

There are many advantages to subscribing to the Plano Symphony Orchestra:

  • Grab your seats this season and enjoy them for seasons to come. No waiting in line at the box office before each concert!
  • Get the best seats at the best prices.
  • Save up to 48% over single ticket prices.
  • Save 20% on parking at our Eisemann Center concerts when you order parking vouchers for the parking garage.
  • Receive discounts on Patriotic Pops tickets.
  • Enjoy free ticket exchanges to accommodate your schedule when you cannot attend a performance.
  • Relax and enjoy the music. We make things easy for our subscribers!
Are there special arrangements for physically challenged patrons?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

We have seating and parking available at all of our concerts for the physically challenged. Call the box office at 972-473-7262 and please mention any special needs that you have so we can accommodate you.

How can I volunteer my time for the Plano Symphony Orchestra?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

No matter what your talents, we probably have a need for them! Call our office and ask for Lisa Phillips. She can talk with you and find out how your talents can best help us. Some of the opportunities include working with school children, office support, fund raising, public relations, and marketing.

Are rehearsals open to the public?2021-03-15T15:32:24-05:00

A select number of rehearsals are open to the public during the season. Please call the office at 972-473-7262 for further information.

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